Deploy previews not working

Hi Netlify support

I have enabled deploy previews for one of our sites but it is not working in that it is not triggering a
preview build for any pull requests. As we have this site configured to build from webhooks only Im guessing this is the reason? Is it possible to have the site configured to build from webhooks only for the production branch but also allow deploy previews?

Site where its not working - peaceful-wiles-97aae8


Would be great to get an answer on this, can anyone help please?

Hi there, @RN-design-system :wave:

Sorry for the delay here-- I appreciate your patience! This thread will answer your question in more detail: Deploying Preview Web Hook via API - #10 by NullVoxPopuli. In short, there is no way except by pushing another commit from the PR for you to build a deploy preview.

Again, thanks for your patience here. Happy to answer any further questions you have about this.


Ok thanks thanks for the confirmation Hillary

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