Deploy failed due to intl extension for PHP not installed

Hi here,

My deploy needs INTL Extension for PHP (PHP: intl - Manual). It’s a standard extension for PHP for internationalization.
How can I install it ?


hi there, you can’t actually run PHP on Netlify:

Hi @perry, I use a PHP based static site generator to build my site using Netlify.

And PHP is available as i can define PHP Version with environment variables : Build environment variables | Netlify Docs

Ah, thanks for that clarity. What version of PHP do you use? Perhaps you could link us to a deploy that failed in our UI? As far as I can tell from these docs it should be included automatically with any version of PHP that is installed in any of our build images: PHP: Requirements - Manual

@fool Sorry for my late answer.

PHP Version: 7.4
Deploy link : Netlify App

After some search, it doesn’t seem added to your image version. I create a PR here : Add Intl for PHP by Progi1984 · Pull Request #410 · netlify/build-image · GitHub and @mheffner has added it to the triage list.

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faaaantastic. thanks for creating a PR!

No. Thank you to Netlify for providing a good tool. Now, I wait for this PR before using it.

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Some news @perry @mheffner about the PR and its progress ?

I see it being discussed internally as recently as June 4th. I don’t have an official date of if/when this will be added to the build image but (unofficially of course) it looks like this is close to being ready.

Thanks for answer. It’s a good (and unofficial) good news.

Some news @perry @mheffner about the PR and its progress ?

We can’t commit to any release schedule, but assuming there is no feedback that it needs changes, we will next merge your PR, and thus you will be notified, when things change.

Good news. My PR has been merged. Thanks for the team.

A last question : when the build will be available on Netlify ?

Thanks (and hearts on you).

looks like it was made available @Progi1984. thanks for your PR on this!