Deploy a project with laravel and Vuejs


I have created a project for the end of a course with Laravel 8 api and Vuejs for the front part but I can’t deploy it on Netlify.
Here is the address:

I just have information to build the Vue js part : npm run build and ‘dist‘ for the directory.

Don’t hesitate if I didn’t give you enough informations

So, are you having problems deploying it, as in is your build returning an error or something? I’m sorry, I didn’t really understand your question completely.

Sorry I didn’t get enough informations. I found how to build the vuejs part but I don’t know how to integrate the laravel api on netlify. I have 2 different ports on my localhost and I don’t know how I could do the same thing on netlify.

Oh, in that case, sadly, from what I know, you can’t host Laravel on Netlify. You can however host it somewhere else and use its API if possible. The Vue JS part should work fine here though.

Read more about what Netlify can and cannot do here: