Cms for honkit (gitbook fork)

The legacy / opensource branch of gitbook is stale, and there are new forks that continue development, such as honkit. I would like to use honkit with netlifycms to create a community-wiki, and I would be keen on adding an example for honkit to the list

repo: GitHub - The-Asellus-Consortium/asellus-wiki-archive

Given that honkit follows a particular directory structure (Directory structure · HonKit Documentation), I would need some help:

  • For instance, after specifying the root directory where all the pages are (source), how would that content be added to the edit-mask?

  • Also, only the content added to the at the rood gets parsed - is there a way to add these entries automatically? Pages and Summary · HonKit Documentation

Hey @mluerig, I’m not sure what edit-mask means here. Could you please explain?

About the second point, are you saying you want the entries in that file to be automatically added to CMS?

Sorry if those questions don’t make sense, I’m not very familiar with gitbook or honkit for that matter.