Certificate extension request

I’d like to request an extension to my domain certificates.

I’m currently using custom certificates, so I want to make sure the subdomain is added before I make the switch.


Hey @Siteme,
Branch subdomains without Netlify DNS require your primary custom domain to be www.domain.com, with domain.com redirecting to that. Then, you would create a CNAME, at that point, we could extend a certificate for you. This article explains it all:

Let us know when those changes are made and we’ll get you that certificate :slight_smile:

I see, so I cannot have the domain on domain.com and have an extension applied at branchname.domain.com? I assumed the example scenario in the linked was just that, an example.

Hi, @Siteme. The branch subdomain domain name can be a subdomain the apex domain if you want it to be. If so, the apex domain must be set as the primary custom domain for the site.

Hopefully, some examples will help to clarify. I’m going to use example.com for this example (because it is an apex domain that exists for the purpose of being used in examples).

Here are the values I will use in both examples (these never change and are true in both examples):

  • apex domain = example.com
  • branch name = staging

1. If the primary custom domain for the site is:

  • primary custom domain = www.example.com

then the branch subdomain for staging for the site is:

  • branch subdomain name = staging.www.example.com

2. If the primary custom domain is this:

  • primary custom domain = example.com

then the apex domain, example.com by itself, then the branch subdomain would be:

  • branch subdomain name = staging.example.com

To summarize, the branch subdomain must be a subdomain of the primary custom domain for the site which may or may not be the apex domain (it can be whichever you want). It will all depend on which custom domain is the “primary custom domain” under the site settings.

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Hi, @Siteme. The SSL certificate has been extended to include the custom domain (for the branch subdomain) mentioned above.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

A tiny nitpick, would it be possible to set the Subject to my root domain instead of the subdomain? So that the certificate info shows the Issued to as my root domain?

Also, in the future, should I use custom certs and then switch back to netlify, will I have to request certificate extension for the same subdomain just added, or will it be cached?


Hi, @Siteme. I don’t have a way of modifying the SSL certificate created. I can enter a feature request to be able to modify the Subject but is isn’t possible today (and please let us know if that feature request should be created).

If the SSL certificate hasn’t expired and all the custom domains still match, the manually extended subdomain will persists. It will depend on those requirements and it definitely will not persist if they are not met.

About the subject name, I was asking because I had the issue when I was generating certs myself, and had to force-renew to get the subject set properly. I was wondering if that was possible on your end. Would be a great thing to have.

Also, would it be possible to remove references to my domain here?


hi there, i have removed references to that domain for you.

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