Cannot upload a folder-as-a-site

Hi Netlify,

Currently trying to upload a folder to a netlify instance for testing, and am getting stuck on the upload step. This was working fine yesterday.

It’s getting stuck on the uploading step and failing to proceed. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!


Hey @DaveRO,

Have you checked out the drag and drop deploy issues thread? There may be a few things over there which you can try!

Hey @Pie,

Thanks for your reply! our nuxt-generated dist folder meets all those criteria, and yesterday uploads were working seamlessly in seconds. I think it must be something on Netlify’s end, however netlifystatus is showing everything as operational so :man_shrugging:

Hey dave,

can you tell us your netlify site name please? We need that in order to be able to take a look.

We’re not seeing anything on our end at the moment that should affect drag n drop performance the way you are describing. it could be a temporary blip - i’m assuming you’ve tried more than once ?

@perry the site name is

And yep, been cancelling hung deploys all morning :joy:

If it helps, I cannot delete, rename, or add security to the instance either.

hmm. would you do a sanity check for me and tell me how big the folder (all files) is that you are trying to deploy? just to rule things out. thanks.

@perry comes in at just over 10mb unzipped, have also attemped zipping which brings it down it just over 9mb.

This issue is now seemingly resolved, uploads working again. Thanks so much all for your help troubleshooting, looks like magic does exist!

sure thing! our network is shared amongst all of our customers worldwide, so when people do try and upload things during very heavy times, it can, on occasion, bottleneck. Glad its working now, if you should have problems again just let us know.