Can you make netlify wait for github CI to finish before starting its build?

Hello world,

I have a blog ( with a custom domain ( and it’s generated by my custom python script and I also have some CI stuff set up and if it fails it’s basically useless build minutes used, so can I make netlify wait until this CI passes and then build the site using this command?

I have tried looking up and found nothing about it besides some errors on push or something

Maybe it’s not even a thing? Not sure, but still, how can I do it as the CI doesn’t pass 100% of the time and I just waste minutes of my netlify build time which builds up when trying to fix my issue that is making CI fail


thanks in advance <3

Hey @B00bleaTea

Have you seen this thread [Support Guide] How can I disable automatic git deploys? and in particular this answer

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how did I not think of that, thank you <3