Can I use Netlify as regular hosting with FTP?


I am using Netlify already: Netlify App

I want to use it for 3 types of projects:

  1. basic HTML site (1%)
  2. static site generator like GATSBY (9%)
  3. React app and deploy to github (90%)

Can I all do that in free version? Or do I need paid version?

I just have really old hosting and want to leave it. I am not sure what modern hosting should look like.
I have also 2 domains that I want to move from old hosting as well.


@krsiak Welcome to the Netlify community.

Yes, you can use Netlify for “regular” hosting, as long as your site is built using JAMstack.

No, you cannot set up FTP on Netlify. You can go through Github or drag-and-drop though.

You can run many websites on the free version. You need pay only if you want some of the extra features.

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