Can I deploy Django on netlify?

Is there any way to deploy a website made using Django to netlify?

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not as such - Netlify is only really for the deployment of modern static sites.

More on that here:

that said, I found this thread on reddit:

if you are generating html files from a local django based SSG, you are totally able to create a site with those.

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Yes, you can deploy a Django site to Netlify from Git repo using Cactus static site generator.
Here is a link to the guide: A Step-by-Step Guide: Cactus on Netlify

I hope it helped!

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Yeah, I have followed the instructions in the guide. But got stuck at the GitHub-Netlify build stage. Netlify could not successfully locate /.build generated by Cactus in the GitHub repo.

I have searched for updates and solutions, can’t find any.

Hi there, I wonder if this is due to the fact that that blog article is quite old (4 years is obviously a long time in technology.)

I will definitely keep looking for additional solutions for you, but I don’t have anything concrete at the moment, I’m afraid.

It seems like this is possible with django-distill - they also have an example project here: GitHub - meeb/django-distill-example: An example fully working statically generated website using Django Distill

I’ll be trying that out sometime this week and will update this thread if I have success.

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Thanks for sharing, @macintacos! Do report back and let us know how it goes for you.