API site deployment using a Github repo

Hello ! I’m following this guide to create a site and link github repo to it but it doesn’t seem to work. Everything
goes smooth with no errors but in the end, site is not linked to my repository. The ssh key that I got from Netlify via API and assigned to the repo says it hasn’t been used which leads me to believe the hook is not getting setup or something ? The site is tender-morse-635f8e and the repo is any public repo (I create it dynamically from template via Github API) under zerocodenft org. Thanks

Hey @ihorbond,

So sorry for the delay in response. I’m having trouble finding the site. Can you confirm that tender-morse-635f8e is the Netlify subdomain (name of your site), please?

Thank you. This was kinda resolved in this thread

Great, thank you for letting me know!