Your log in system sucks, can't log in lol

Help me to get able to access my account.

I have never had any problem login into any kind of websites after having been without using them for long, but your login system is so annoying. You screwed up the automatic flow chrome to save passwords and now of course there’s no way for me to recover the password from myself.

Now I am just waiting to get sent the password recovery mail, but it’s been 30 minutes and I didn’t get it. How much time do you need your system to send a password recovery email?? I feel like I am not gonna get anything. My mail is:

Aside from my principal problem, I have to clear the cache and clear all website data not to get redirected to fucking sign-up page.

By the way, you should have a tag for “account-related” problems sure I am not the only one having them.

Hey there, @manilox

Sorry to hear you are encountering login issues! I have moved your question to the admin category, which is for login issues, billing issues, etc.

Circling back to the issue, we do not have any accounts that use that email in our system. Additionally, we do not have that email on our hard bounce list. I believe this is why you did not receive the recovery email. The email we have on file for your account is m***************** Please try logging in with this email and let us know if you encounter the same issue.

I understand that this obstacle is frustrating for you. Please be mindful when swearing in your posts, as all of our forums content needs to be suitable for minors ages 13 and up (you can read more about our Community Code of Conduct here!!)

I will stay tuned for a response!

Hey Hillary.

Thank you, you are right. I was trying to log in with the wrong email.

One thing I would suggest. Don’t your frontend developer could show some kind of more useful feedback to me when the mail I trying to log in with is not associated with any account on your system. So I don’t need to send the password recovery mail to a mail that doesn’t belong to any user of your system, which will result in a mail that I am not gonna receive ever (which is very confusing) until I have to bother to open a ticket because I don’t what the hell is happening (when it’s just I was trying to use the wrong email).

And sorry for my bad words, I will act better.

Have a great day.