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Your connection is not private - formulaonegym.co.uk

Hello everyone,

I’ve been through numerous posts on here already, but they all seem to fix themselves with propagation. Alas, I don’t think mine will do that.

Site: https://www.formulaonegym.co.uk/

Here’s the back story…

The domain and nameservers were hosted on UK2 Net. Over the weekend, the error for “Your connection is not private” randomly started appearing for some people, not all. It was working fine on my phone on Wifi. Told the client to wait it out, see if it fixes itself. It didn’t.

So I delved deeper on Sunday. Found out some weird DNS records were kicking about. Spoke to UK2 support - they agreed the DNS records were weird. Did some resets to ensure they were all right, gave it 24 hours, still same issue for multiple people on different devices and ISPs.

Yesterday, I decided to “nuke” the NS and move all the NS over to Netlify (retaining relevant MX/A records to point to their original place) in the hope the DNS would fix itself (and the weird extra DNS records would disappear).

I appreciate its only been 24 hours, but nothing has changed for anyone.

The whole site seems to be served securely over HTTPS (using external origins such as Facebook and Google Analytics).

The “weird” A records are for the www subdomain - I am now presuming this is in place of the CNAME? Having just looked, the CNAME was a little odd - instead of saying CNAME for the netlify.app URL it had “NETLIFY” in place? I have literally just deleted and re-added as a CNAME.

Here’s the WhoIs: formulaonegym.co.uk DNS information - who.is - for the life of me I dont know what those extra WWW A records with TTL 19 are, or where they have come from - I can only guess Netlify does something with it?!

Feel like I’ve tried everything - it was all working fine until the weekend, with no deploys/builds since June 10th.

Does anyone have any ideas that can help me out here? It’s proper weird!

Having done some more looking around, I have found the following from Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

Bad Glue Detected Parent server gave glue for www.formulaonegym.co.uk to be formula1gym.netlify.com but we resolve that hostname to

Could this be the issue? How do I go about fixing that?

Okay more stuff - VirusTotal

Seems to have been flagged for … something …

Hi @Zellement

Welcome to the Netlify community

This is a Netlify specific DNS record. As per the docs

For domains managed by Netlify, we will automatically create “NETLIFY” records that point to our servers when you assign a domain or subdomain for your site. You can also add your own DNS records to point to other services, such as an email provider.

Your DNS all looks correct and is propagated correctly.

As for your later post

This is the issue I see. In order at attempt to connect to the site I used a VPN as my ISP (Telstra Australia) has a Malicious Content warning when trying to view the site.

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I agree. Been a journey to get here but I think it’s that too.

But for the life of me I don’t know why it’s happened.

Not having ever dealt with a site that has a malicious flag on it, I don’t know how this has happened and I am uncertain as to the way forward.

CDRF has a button on the homepage to Report a false positive so that’s possibly worth a shot. I am unable to find such a thing for the other services that report the URL as malicious.

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Thanks @coelmay - I’m in the same boat. This is all new to me too.

I’ve found similar links for 2 of the 3 softwares flagging it and requested a retest.

What a pain. I will close this topic soon as it doesn’t pertain to Netlify anymore, but if anyone else has something to add I’d be all ears.

Quick update - I have managed to get it manually removed from CRDF and ESET using their forms. No details given as to why the site was blocked.

Hey there, @Zellement :wave:

It looks like Jen, one of our Support Engineers, responded to your helpdesk ticket with some suggestions as well. Do try to use her suggestions and see if that helps.

Thank you :slight_smile: Also thanks @coelmay for the helpful brainstorming here!


Hey @Zellement – as mentioned in the ticket, if issues persist, please do post them here.

No worries @Scott

Update - I’ve requested the block be removed from every vendor I can find that has it flagged.

Fingers crossed.


So I’ve cleaned up all the malware/malicious flags, yet still no joy :frowning:

I get ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID on 4G on my phone, my client gets Sky and Virgin blocking it still claiming Malware/Malicious Site.

I’m running out of ideas, short of nuking the Netlify account and moving to Vercel.

Anyone else got any ideas before I do that?

I see Virus Total gives a clean score now. There is still “Suspicious” from DNS8.

I still get a warning from my ISP, however I don’t know what data they use, from who it comes, and how often it is updated.

I don’t believe that moving to Vercel (or another other hosting service) will necessarily provide a solution. If it was due to Netlify’s service/servers, then countless thousands of sites would likely have the same issue as yours and that is not evident in these forums at least.

Yeah - I have emailed them on that one, no response so far.

I completely agree about the switch to Vercel, however I am out of ideas now. I switched it over last night and it didn’t make a difference so far.

The owner has rung Virgin Media to see why/how to fix it. I can’t find out online who Virgin and Sky use for their services. If I can get one of them to unblock it, it might be a domino effect for the rest.

Sounds frustrating, @Zellement. Not sure if it’s any use but you could follow Sky’s guidance here – step 2 on sites not being filtered correctly.

I hope you can appreciate that we’re veering well away from the realms of what we can help with but we’ll be happy to do so where we can!


Ah, that’s a wicked find @Scott ! For the life of me I couldn’t find that.

I have emailed them now. Thanks!

Yeah totally get this is way beyond the scope of Netlify support and forums, but am eternally grateful for everyone’s help so far. It’s a proper puzzler.


Final update: managed to get Sky, Virgin and Vodafone to change their filter - all working now. Other than an old 2018 alert on the site that wasn’t cleared up, I have no idea what happened here. I did move the site to Vercel, so will consider moving it back soon.

Can anyone else confirm if their ISP is still blocking it?

Thanks to everyone for their help.

I can get to it now. Moot point given I’m across the other side of the world though I guess.


It definitely helps to know it seems to be unblocking worldwide! Thanks @coelmay

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hey @Zellement!

Thanks so much for coming back and sharing this update with the Forums. We appreciate these details :netliconfetti: