You have reached a limit for domain orders on first attempt to purchase

I am attempting to purchase my first domain and after entering my payment method information I am getting the following warning:

You have reached a limit for domain orders. Please contact support for further assistance.

and am unable to purchase the domain…

from Which company are you trying to buy a domain?

It is just for myself for a personal project.

hi there @Greybph , this is happening when you try and buy the domain through netlify, correct?

if you can tell us your team name, or the API ID of one of the sites in your team, we can investigate and see if we can let you purchase more. thanks!

Thank you for the response. Yes, this is happening when I try to buy a domain through Netlify.
The name of my team is Greybph
I currently have one site with a Site ID of:


hey there @Greybph ,

we’ve pulled a lever so you should be able to purchase domains now! let us know if something doesn’t work. thanks!

Still unable to purchase. I am still getting that warning saying I’ve reached my limit of domain orders.

hi there! sorry this is being so tricky. we tried something else. would you try again please? hopefully it works this time. let us know if not. thanks!

I appreciate the help. Unfortunately, it is still not letting me.

so strange. we are still trying a few things to unblock you.

could you try logging out, then logging in, and then trying again? please let me know if that works or not. :pray: thanks!

Okay, tried logging out, still no luck.

thank you so much for trying - we are filing a bug internally and getting an engineer to look at it when they can as this is definitely not your fault.

in the meantime, here is what you can do: purchase the domain through a different provider (we recommend and work with and then transfer it to us, here is how:

specifically, option 2 is what you’ll need.

also, if you’d like, i’d love to send you some stickers for your trouble as you’ve probably somehow found a very strange bug we can now go fix.

Okay well, thank you for trying. Thank you for the attached article. I will look into purchasing elsewhere and getting it transferred over. And sure! I like stickers :wink:

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i just sent you a DM. reply to that and let me know your contact details :+1: