You cannot visit [website name] right now because the website uses HSTS

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it doesnt work not sure why, i got the domain from square space

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Hi, @loneofflaner. Sometimes the SSL provisioning is started before both domain names (both the apex and the www subdomain in this case) have been added to the site in our database. This then causes the SSL certificate to include only one of those two domain names (just the apex domain for this certificate).

The proper fix for this is for this unhandled race condition bug at Netlify to be fixed. You don’t write the code here so we certainly don’t expect you to fix it that bug. However, there is a workaround in the meantime if you see this happen again.

The workflow to fix this (if it happens again) is to click the “Renew certificate” button on this page below:

There is no need to do so now as I have already corrected the SSL certificate. However, if you see this happen again , the fix is just to click that button.

Note, it is impossible for this to happen again for this site unless there is some change to the domains configured for it on this page it in the future. If you do run into this bug again (either on another site or when making changes to this one, clicking the button should fix it in most cases. You probably won’t see this bug in the future as the race condition that triggers it is rare (and hopefully we’ll fix the bug itself soon). For now, though, the bug does still exist and so it isn’t impossible for you to see it again either.

You can tell if is the bug is occurring or not if one of the domains is missing on the page above. You can see both domains now as shown in this screenshot:

If any of the domains are missing from the certificate, the “Renew certificate” nearly always fixes the issue. If clicking the button ever doesn’t fix it for some reason, please just make a new topic like you did today and we’ll take a look to see what happened.