Yarn "Post-resolution validation" timeout

My builds are failing with a timeout message (15m I think).
The build log of my failing builds differs from the most recent successful deploy in that after the yarn resolution step the failing builds start a post-resolution validation step, which logs 10,000+ lines of a yarn lockfile before timing out.

I have tried to clear the cache and rebuild to no avail.

Production: master@HEAD

Deployment type: Github trigger, manual (Netlify UI)

Last broken deploy: Netlify App

Last successful deploy: Netlify App

It appears to be user error :smiley:

I use zero-install with yarn and had to commit an updated .yarn/cache folder.

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Hi @Dharmatologist yay! Iā€™m glad to hear you were able to self solve. Thank you for letting us know and sharing your solution. (: