Www subdomain showing "doesn't appear to be served by Netlify" when creating SSL cert

Hi there,
Have been using Netlify for ages with no issues but for some reason I can’t get the www of the domain to generate an SSL cert.

Netlify site: azwood.netlify.app
The domain that won’t resolve is: www.azwood.co.nz.
The apex domain is resolving fine and has generated an SSL cert.
In Netlify domain list both domains are showing as ‘awaiting external DNS’ even though the site is resolving fine at azwood.co.nz.
In the ‘HTTPS’ section, the message in netlify is " azwood.co.nz doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify"
Have attached screenshots of netlify and DNS settings.

I have run curl -s -v http://website.com 2>&1 | grep -i server for both azwood.co.nz and www.azwood.co.nz and the server is showing as Netlify for both.

The only thing I can think of is that I initially thought this would be an alias and so manually added the WWW. Then the client made it the primary domain so I briefly had two ‘www’ records in the Netlfy domain list (one made by me, one made by Netlify automatically). I removed the one made by me but I’m wondering if that has created a problem.

Any help much appreciated!

Scratch that - it looks like it has now resolved itself without me doing anything further.

I’m glad the issue resolved itself! Thanks for coming back and sharing this with the community.