Hi Team,I want to use shortpixel image optimizer to optimize images on my netlify site.Their documentation says it to place in the root folder but while deploying netlify is throwing an error and the deployment is unsuccessful.description of the error:

"Error checking out submodules: fatal: No url found for submodule path ‘shortpixel-web/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises’ in .gitmodules
Failing build: Failed to prepare repo
Failed during stage ‘preparing repo’: Error checking out submodules: fatal: No url found for submodule path ‘shortpixel-web/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises’ in .gitmodules
: exit status 128

Their module is fixed.But I can make some changes in the code if needed.Some search says we need to specify some url for the git repo because this is a github repo.I am not clear with this.
I would be grateful if anyone from the community or netlify could help and provide support for this issue because it would greatly reduce the loading time for my website.

@kartikkasat I thought ShortPixel was only set up to run on PHP sites? How are you invoking it?

Hi, @kartikkasat, how is the submodule being included and is it a public or private repo for the submodule?

If the submodule repo is private, please see the following support guide:

If there are questions after reading that, please let us know.

If the submodule is a public repo, please change the reference to the submodule from git@github.com… to a https://github.com URL.

If none of this works or if there are questions, please reply anytime.