Www domain is not redirecting to naked domain

Netlify site name: https://festive-beaver-486f55.netlify.app/

I got https://kimbocorp.com/ and I have set that domain as primary and https://www.kimbocorp.com/ as secondary and it says that www is redirecting to the naked domain

But when I visit https://www.kimbocorp.com it doesn’t work

@Websidev Welcome to the Netlify community.

Are you certain you aren’t seeing a local caching issue? Each version of your custom domain seems to load fine, and redirects to the apex domain as expected.

@gregraven How can I fix the local caching? Delete cookies e.t.c?

@Websidev You could trying clearing your browser cache, but if your ISP or VPN has caching, it make take some doing to get them caught up. Alternately, you could try visiting your site using a private / incognito page, which does gets around your local cache.

It worked, thank you!