Would like to be able to edit files directly from Netlify

Basically, I would love to see Netlify develop it’s own version of Glitch to allow us to do all the local environment stuff right from Netlify. So we could make changes to any of our sites from within our Netlify account and easily deploy it to either a live or staging site for us to view the changes on. I have always found local dev environments incredibly difficult to configure correctly and I feel like this would be a game changer.



Hi Chris,

Thank you for your feature request! I would love to understand a little bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish. What would the benefit be of editing your site directly from Netlify rather than editing a file directly in GitHub or editing it locally?

Are you hoping to have the equivalent of a development console through the Netlify UI?


Yeah, I just thought it would be nice if I also had the option to edit my sites files directly from my Netlify account instead of having to make the changes locally or through my GitHub repo. Nothing that I absolutely need or anything just an idea.


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