Work appears larger visually once deployed on Netlify help

Whenever I finish my work with visual studio code, and i load It, It looks normal on my local host.
But when i deploy It to netlify, It appears zoomed in(larger) than how It looks. Please help me.
This is how It looks
This is how It looks from my computer

My netlify website is
Please open the website on a computer to see the changes.

Hey @esasu

Without knowing what “normal” is when you see it locally, it is hard to say what looks different.

Does it look the same (when view from Netlify) in different browsers, or different? Is it possible you have zoomed your default browser to something other than 100%?

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Okay so when I say normal I mean everything is showing, the full display shows from the picture to my words. Example, if i made the font size 25px, It appears 25px.
But when i deployed It to netlify, It don’t show the full screen. The words come out very larger than how i set It up, for example if i put the font size as 25px, on netlify the font size looks like 45px. The full image on my page comes out super. The words come out super large. And because everything is large not everything is fully displayed. Attached is a picture of how my work looks like on netlify. This is how my work looks on from netlify

Please don’t open a new thread on the same topic @esasu

Looking at the image you have provided you have zoomed into the page as per the highlighted icon

The font-size for the <nav> element is set to 20px,

the font-size for the <a> elements is set very large

Yes but the font size is how i wanted It to be. Which is why i said when i opened It from visual studio code It looked the way i wanted It to look like. Now when i downloaded It to netlify the sizes completely changed……

Are you deploying from a git repository? Can you share it?

Hello I am deploying It from my Mac computer on my folder from visual studio code. I tried sharing It but It said files were too large

It is not possible to share files via the forums. If you can create a git repository I am happy to take a look.

Do note, that unless you have Asset Optimization enabled Netlify will not modify the HTML, JS, or CSS in a project. If this is enabled (which I don’t believe it is) you can try disabling it.

This is an example of what my work looks like. The right side is how my work looks like when i load It from visual studio code to see It. The left side is how my work looks like after i load It to netlify. Please help. I don’t know what the issue is and It keeps affecting my school grades because my work never comes out the way it’s supposed to do.

Look at how the heading looks very big and the words and the boxes, compared To how It was supposed to look like.

I see you are using two different browsers.

When you view the Netlify-deployed site in Safari, how does it look?

Also check Safari isn’t zoomed (as I eluded to earlier) if Acutal Size isn’t greyed out (as Show Downloads is) then you are zoomed (either in or out)

Hello thanks for spotting that out. But it’s the same way even when i open It in different browsers. Initially i thought It was from my computer. But when i submitted the project to class everybody saw the work zoomed in.

I’m not sure if the issue is from my laptop settings. How do i change my laptop settings ?

As it is a local project which I am unable to see or test locally, it is impossible to spot any potential issues other that those already mentioned.

I am also unable to tell you how to change settings on your device as I am unable to see what things are set to and what may need changing.

Okay thank you. Will try to put It on repository