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Wordpress to Netifly

Hi Experts, Hope you all are fine. I want to ask something that is I have a blog https://chewproofdogsbed.com/ on WordPress and I want to convert it on notify, How I can do this and it will affect my database or not.? and one more question is after convert on notifying my WordPress website speed will increase? as my mate told me.

You would get a detailed answer here: Sports website Migration - #2 by hrishikesh

About the database, anything that you do on Netlify, won’t affect your WordPress database in any way unless you explicitly try to.

Finally, there would be a speed boost, however if the website is not well-optimised, you won’t see a lot of difference.


@Gabriel239 If you are asking if you can run your WordPress site on Netlify, the answer is no.

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