Wordpress Page Preview not working

this is my app url

Wordpress URL http://alastri.wp.perthgraphic.design/

I am facing issue of wp-content/uploads images are not showing
since url replacer is replacing wordpres url
somehow i managed to replace url through code , but now image having srcset are not showing

Page preview is not working
In console it gives error
{error: “There was an authentication error. Will try the live page data.”}

It seems you’re loading your images over http, while the site is being loaded through https. Therefore your images are flagged as insecure content by your browser. You will have to enable https for your Wordpress domain to load the images over https on your Netlify site.

No, this isn’t an issue, for images url is for example

it is missing wordpress path since my wordpress is on another domain

also why preview from wordpress page edit sections is not working


I’m not sure what your issue is. You mentioned wp-content/uploads not showing. Could you provide a netlify url that shows the exact issue? Additionally, I agree with what @tomrutgers mentioned earlier where you are loading images via http. Note that all netlify sites load as https and if you link to any of your assets via http, that asset will not be loaded/shown. Could you make sure that your images are loading via https and see if that helps. If not, please provide specific netlify urls that is showing the issue and we’ll go from there. Thanks!