Will the transfer of a domain to Name.com apply the auto configuration of Netlify DNS Hosting?

Hi there,

I’ve got the domain pulsartraining.com at Hostinger and I have a deployment at pulsartraining.netlify.app

I managed to make use of my registered domain but it took some time and effort. I’d rather have the domain registered from Netlify. Since it’s going to expire soon, I checked it but I can’t pre-register it, I have to wait. I thought about transfering it to Name.com but then my question came: is it going to be the same as registering it from Netlify? I’d love to have it autoconfigured, it takes me too much time to configure DNS and domain issues and I don’t really have that time.

No. Name.com is an external entity. Even though Netlify uses it to register the domains, I’d assume it configures the nameserves later. In case of external registrations, you’d have to configure the name servers yourself.

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