Will Free Tier Backlog Carried Over To Next Month Be Automatically Deployed and Built

Hello, Netlify Community!

Sorry, if my question has been asked before. I tried to search with various keywords.

I deploy from Obsidian note-taking app using a GitHub Digital Garden template.


When I reach my monthly free limit 300 minutes’ build, I know Netlify will stop automatically triggering builds for my site.

My question is:
If I continue triggering deployments as per my daily routine, what happens to the backlog of deployments and subsequent builds? Will they be carried over and fired automatically?

Do I understand right that once the new month begins, Netlify will reset my build minutes, and any deployments that were not built due to exceeding the limit will not be lost and Netlify will automatically pick up where it left off? That would be great, because weeks down the line it would difficult to keep track of what notes need to be deployed and built again…

Best Practices

If my supposition is not right, what are some best practices to automate triggering builds of deployed but not built notes in Netlify or GitHub?

Thanks in advance

That’s not true. You’d be automatically charged $7 for 500 more build minutes.

But yes, we reset your stats every billing month.

So I need to stop building, look for the date when I can start building again and only deploy from that date forward?
I am sure that is not true. I’m sure there’s a way to stash the deployments and make Netlify automatically build the backlog of deployed notes. But how…

That is true. The date you can start building again would remain the same for each month, so you don’t need to always check that.

Once you start the builds again, the next build that you trigger would have all the changes you made from the last build.

I see. That is not good news.

That also means I need to go elsewhere to figure out a way around this. Because there must be a GH Actions or some other way to do this. But even that may involve getting a Pro version…

Are you really planning to use over 300 minutes every month? If yes, you can choose the Pro plan or use some other platform. You can use GitHub Actions on the free plan.

I meant using GitHub Action with a different deploy branch than the original.

Yes, that’s still possible using the free tier.

I managed to make it work, thanks.

One last question, if you’ll allow me:
Will the at 23:50 each Monday cron job I settled on cut back on build time when done in batch? (I deploy to the main branch as per the template and would merge into production branch once at the selected interval.)

I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t know how long your site takes to build. Does it take an hour? So building once every Monday will use 4 to 5 out of 300 hours in a month. If it takes a minute, then it’s 4 mins a month.

I really don’t think you need to do this, unless your builds take an hour and you’re building at least once every day. But if they do, sure you’re free to setup your cron that way.

I guess I’ll have to get my own experience as I go along, but my site is build on a template and additional pages (notes) get added when I trigger the deployment.
I expect or hope to cut down on build times when a batch of say 100 files are sent to be built from the deploy branch when the GH Actions workflow triggers.
This is the workflow: it is a static site of individually uploaded markdown files of an Obsidian vault.
As I said, I’ll have to follow the stats in Netlify but so far I’m not too hopeful of going anywhere with this.

From what I’m seeing now, the deployments to main (triggered by the DigitalGarden template) are also counted as builds, so I’m not doing anything with the GH Actions script…

Was there somewhere I needed to switch off or something…?

Yeah, depolys to main would count towards the minutes. Was there something specific that made you think they won’t?

In my mind, “built” meant made ready for site’s main URL.

Just checking back in to provide the solution, after all.
For others who want to do this, when you switch production branches, don’t forget to set Deploy only the production branch in the same window.
Then multiple changes take the same one minute as a single change.

Hi, thank you for writing back in and sharing your solution with the community!

No problem.

Thanks, @sid.mann for your help as well.

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