Will adding GoDaddy Email DNS Records to Netlify DNS affect Netlify Bandwidth?

I am using Netlify DNS with a GoDaddy domain which includes email. Will having the GoDaddy DNS Records for the emails added to the Netlify DNS impact bandwidth usage at all when emails are sent?

For example: Sending emails with attachments

Basically another way of asking the same question:
If I switched to use the GoDaddy DNS and added an A and CNAME record for the Netlify site, would the emails impact GoDaddy bandwidth instead?


Bandwidth is calculated on data served by Netlify.

Not sure if you saw this before the edit (quoted above) or not. So I do not have to worry about emails contributing to bandwidth at all?

Thank you for taking the time to respond!

The answer is the same. Sending of emails has no relation to Netlify serving your website.

If they have bandwidth limitations. But that is a question for GoDaddy.