Wildcard support for subdomains

Hey there!
I’m trying to set up wildcard subdomains for *.pland.co.il.

I’ve followed the instructions here:

  1. I’m on the Pro plan.
  2. DNS is managed by Netlify.
  3. The site doesn’t have any domain aliases nor branch subdomains.
  4. The primary domain is www.pland.co.il.
  5. Added a CNAME named * with value pland-lp-builder.netlify.app

Navigating to test.pland.co.il shows error: “Site Not Found” with Netlify internal ID: 01HKWACT6YX1XC6XKS6BNJQ81B

Netlify site address: pland-lp-builder.netlify.app

From what I understand , you guys need to activate the wildcard subdomain feature on my site?


Hi wildcard is now enabled on your account!

Thanks a lot!! it works