Wildcard subdomain redirects to IP addresses using _redirects

Hi, I’m curious if Netlify wildcard subdomain redirects can be used to point to IP addresses?

App URL: rad-dns.netlify.app
Domain: dns.rad.cm

I understand a Pro account is required for wildcard subdomains. I’m trying to achieve the following all in the _redirects file:

name1.dns.rad.cm/* 301!
name2.dns.rad.cm/* 301!

Essentially I’m trying to create a bunch of A-records using Git. Can it be done?

Thank you!

Hi @christianpetty :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out!

Yes, you can redirect to an IP you can redirect to anything.

A workaround the subdomain redirect is creating separate Netlify sites, each with one of the subdomains.

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