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Wildcard SSL domain

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Site name: practical-heisenberg-f2399f
Primary domain: www.unstarvingartists.org

I’ve added the apex domain as well to Netlify but the SSL certificate doesn’t seem to be working. How can I get the SSL cert to apply to both the apex domain and the www domain?

Looks like my SSL cert is explicitly just for www.

You don’t need a wildcard SSL, you just need to click on renew certificate button. It will add the required certificate.

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Interesting I did hit that renew button yesterday and it does seem to have fixed itself. Do I typically have to manually renew the certificate in netlify to prevent the SSL error I saw?

No, in most cases you need not. But sometimes, there appear some differences in the times when the DNS propagates and Netlify ends up just provisioning SSL for one of them. The renew button fixes it.

I’m still experiencing issues with the apex domain. The only thing I’ve done since we spoke was click the “Renew certificate” button. I haven’t touched my DNS records. Below is a screenshot of my settings.

I’m going to click the “Renew certificate” button again. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. I just want to get this to consistently work. Thanks!

After hitting “Renew certificate” the warning message in netlify’s interface went away that said I’m still getting a warning in chrome when I visit the apex domain.

The warning “Check DNS configuration” is now showing again in netlify.

You really should not have 2 A records for the apex domain. The reason the UI is showing the warning sometimes is because of the conflicting records. For example, if you go in Google Dig, you can see that sometimes the Netlify IP address shows first while sometimes the other one shows first.

Your DNS panel shows that you have just 1 A record, so I’m not sure why this is happening, so I think you need to contact your DNS provider.

Thanks this is helpful will do so!

I had a URL Redirect Record in my DNS settings to redirect the apex domain to the www subdomain. This isn’t an official DNS record so what my DNS provider was doing was adding an A record under the hood to handle the redirect. By removing this redirect, I now have 1 A record at the apex domain and should be good.

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