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Why there are 2 links for 1 website when using netlify cli


When launching my lovely Gatsby + Netlify CMS WPA,
I found there are 2 links pointing to the same PWA:




why? are there any differences?
On what situations should we use one over another?

Not sure why I cannot edit my post, but I have tried both the urls, they all work.

Hi, @franva, one is the HTTP server provided by Gatsby and the other is a wrapper by the Netlify CLI tool (aka netlify dev) which also handles redirect rules.

If you don’t use redirect either URL is fine. However, if you want to test redirects with netlify dev only the second URL will work for that.

If there are other questions about this, please reply here anytime.

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thanks @luke it clears my mind. :+1:

If possible, could you please take a look this question?

I thought it should be an easy one, but somehow I have been stuck at it for 3 days.