Why the images for terms of taxonomy is uploaded in the term folder?

This is my test project https://github.com/seriiserii825/h-test

I create the taxonomy drinkscategories.

In admin i want to add for each term a image, but, i can’t see the image folder in the admin

If i upload the new image, she will be uploaded in the folder for term near the file _index.md

What can i do to change the folder, or to take the right path to the image?


I find a solution on the documentation page.

This solved me:

  • label: “Drinks categories”
    name: “drinkscategories”
    create: true
    folder: “content/drinkscategories”
    path: “content/drinkscategories/{{ slug }}”
    media_folder: ‘/static/i’
    public_folder: ‘/i’
    • {label: “Title”, name: “title”, widget: “string”, required: true}
    • {label: “Image for blocks”, name: “imageForBlocks”, widget: “image”}
    • {
      label: “Image for filter”,
      name: “imageForFilter”,
      widget: “image”,
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thanks for sharing your fix!

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