Why suspended my account?

I am about to deploy my new project and unfortunately I am suspended.
Immediately I log in with my email and password, I got a sad message that I am suspended. Please help me.

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login with github, appears the following img.
Please help me.


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Hi @comet19950902 Your account was automatically marked as Spam I have removed the hold from your account. You should be able to login now.

Thank you


Thank you for you kind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi! I’m trying to login with github, but the authentication Error like the following capture

I’ve signed up with my email, but when I’m trying to login it can’t login

so I tried to sign up with my other email and it got suspended too
Screenshot 2023-05-04 105825
please help me, thank you

If you wanna remove your blocked account, follow the steps.
Post new topic.
At this time, as categories, select admin.
And post.
So, then, after about more than 5 hours, any netlify moderator maybe remove your blocked account.
Good luck.


Hi, how do you intend to use our platform?