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Why my some sites can't access by https,but some sites can

Why my some sites can’t access by https,but some sites can?
For example,these two sites with same configuration of google domains and netlify sites,but one can access by https,and the other can’t

The SSL Certificate for the one that is not working is showing as:

The one that works shows *.oortheroes.com.

You should check your SSL certificate settings in Netlify:

Hi @sam886

I am a little confused by your domain configuration. It appears oort.digital is served by Netlify and you have it configured in Google Domains nameservers. However it appears you have not followed the Configure external DNS for a custom domain documentation as there is a A record for both the apex oort.digital and the subdomain www.oort.digital pointing to

Now it appears you are trying to configure the subdomain mint.oort.digital and a subdomain of this rinkeby.mint.oort.digital using Netlify DNS.

If you are using Netlify to serve your site, you would best serve yourself by configuring oort.digital to use Netlify DNS (per documentation above) configure the relevant subdomains to point to the respective Netlify sites or branches and request an extended SSL certificate to cover them.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reply.

You guys reply super fast! Let me check your guidance

It works.Thank you for your help!

Hi,It works.Thank you for your help!