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Why my site showing now too 404 error


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Hi @ajmal

Have a read of this support guide.

Happy to provide further assistance if you require it.

Hi, @ajmal. I do believe if you download your deploy, you will see that there is no index.html file in the deploy.

However, the URL below does work (because there is a news.html file):


The support guide that @coelmay linked to is the best place to start. If there are any questions after reading that, please let us know.

Actually I have been uploaded my folder directly by showing one of the tutorial video. can you give me the right solution to fix it ? i mean what should i need to an modification on the files? & how to upload those on netlify (individual / as same as before folder?)

hi there ajmal, it does not matter how you upload the site, if you don’t have an index.html file you will see a 400 error when someone enters binhaiyai.netlify.app.

the way to fix this problem is to create an index.html file or rename an existing file to index.html and upload your site again the way you did previously.

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