Why my site doesn't display images

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with my website. after my deployment in netlify, It doesn’t display the images.
I do not know why as it always worked fine before.
what might have caused this issue?
my website is:

Your image source seems to be invalid:


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Also, I notice something strange on your website. Some of the code that should be in the <head> is in the <body>:


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Hi have no Idea why, It normally worked fine, maybe is some mistake of the build?
in my local repository it all works fine.

Would it possible for you to share the repo?

Hi it actually now not working locally as well, but I still don’t know why.
Yes definitely possible its on git hub
at: mobile-wellness-app

That seems like the address of your GitHub pages website and not the repo. I’m assuming it’s GitHub - sarauras1/mobile-wellness-app

After having a look at the code, here’s what I did which seems to work:

Your original img: <img src={require("./excercise.png")} alt="yoga" />

What I did:

// other import statements
import exerciseImg from "./excercise.png";

/* rest of the code */

`<img src={exerciseImg} alt="yoga" />`

It works:

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Thanks a lot, It works now