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Why have I got so many "Resources not found"?

I have recently published my site ( brave-roentgen-e0b5f4) and have linked it to the domain name b4svh.com (and I have signed up for the Analytics). In the Analytics section titled “Resources not found” there are lots of strange web addresses that I do not recognise such as //news/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml. Are all these strange addresses reporting a problem with something on my website?

In my experience, that’s mainly bots and wannabe hackers trying to find exploits of known systems. I’ve got hundreds of hits on wp-config.php for instance, nothing to worry about really.

Thanks for that. What would an entry in the “Resources not found” list look like if a link on my site was broken or something had gone wrong with one of my forms?

The resources not found panel shows any resource missing, basically. It could be a requested css, JavaScript or html file, for instance. Non existent routes are also covered.

I don’t think a non-functioning form will show up though. You can test it quite easily by making bad requests and see what pops up.

OK. Thanks for your help.