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Why do the URLs for my website, https://csecprep.netlify.app/ and https://www.csecprep.netlify.app/, not resolve to the same thing?

The URL https://csecprep.netlify.app/ goes to my website, however, when I add ‘www’ to the URL, as in https://www.csecprep.netlify.app/ , I receive an error stating that my connection isn’t private.

Why is this and how can I best resolve the issue?

You can’t resolve the issue. There is no issue, this is standard behaviour.

csecprep.netlify.app is a sub-domain (of netlify.app.)
www.csecprep.netlify.app is a sub-domain (of csecprep.netlify.app.)

Generally speaking if you have example.com as your domain you can also use www.example.com.
www.example.com is a sub-domain of example.com.

Oh okay, thank you for explaining.