Why do i see my bundle file requested twice?

I have been wondering for a while now, but why do i see my bundle file get requested twice isn’t this a waste of ressources.

Hi, @HenrikDK, this double request is being done by the web browser and the server cannot control what the browser is requesting. Does your site request the resource twice?

If not, would you please send us a URL for a page where you see this happening? With link with this issue, we’d be happy to take a look at it to see if we can determine the root cause for this.

The file is being requested once in my HTML, i don’t see where it’s requested anywhere else: https://henrikmundtmilo.dk/

hey @HenrikDK,

the App.js is being requested twice, at the top and bottom of your page:

Is it’s webpacks doing? Because in my html file i only see it requested once. Screenshot_1

I’m not sure, but if you find a solution, please let us know so other people can see how you fixed it :muscle: