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Why do I need a new account to join the forum?

Hi! I have 2 questions. I’ve had an netlify account ‘koderka1987’ for some time (logging in with github authentication). As I lost my local repo to my website I was trying to download it from netlify unsuccessfully. To ask question in forum I had to create a new account because netlify didn’t recognize my email address that I registered with before. Is the forum separate from the netlify-deployment ? How can I merge these accounts? Also how can I download source code for my project ’ condescending-euclid-82ba80.netlify.app’? thank you in advance for clarification.

Hi @koderka42,

While signing up, you could have signed up using your Netlify account, but yes, forums and deployment are actually 2 independent accounts.

About your actual question, Netlify doesn’t have your website’s source code - since it was in a Git repo, is it not possible to simply clone it?

Hi, It actually wasn’t a git repo =( I dragged the file to netlify.

Well in that case, as long as the website is live, you could download the deploy from here:


The download icon is next to the time.