Why can't I use my domain in netlify

Hi, @MelvikStorm. I just want to be sure you understand what is and what is not supported.

An apex domain (like example.com or eu.org) can only be linked to a single team at Netlify. Your domain (theostrich.eu.org) is not an apex domain. The apex domain is eu.org and that can only be used on a single team.

This means you won’t be able to use theostrich.eu.org with your Netlify site. I can enter a feature request to ask for this to be changed but, again, it is very unlikely for this to happen so I would recommend looking for a different solution. For example, the recommended solution would be to purchase a domain name from a registrar.

To be clear, eu.org is acting as if they are a registrar but in reality this is not what is happening. They are granting you control a subdomain of their apex domain but you are not getting your own apex domain. The only real solution (if you want to use a custom domain with a site at Netlify) is to purchase a real apex domain from a real registrar.

If there are any questions about this, please let us know.