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Why can't I use my domain in netlify

Hello, I have bought a domain recently.


But I can’t add it to my netlify app. It says the domain is used by another team.I am sure that this is my domain and I didn’t used this in any other netlify account.

Can anyone please help me.

@MelvikStorm Welcome to the Netlify community.

You may not have used it, but it someone did. You’ll have to follow this procedure:

But it asks me to verify whether eu.org is my domain. but it is a domain provider where I bought by domain http://theostrich.eu.org/, How shall I verify it.

I tried hosting my webpage in other platforms, It works fine .But I like to continue with netlify but I can’t

We need to take a step back to verify what you are saying.

You originally wrote that theostrich.eu.org was your domain name. Then you wrote that eu.org is where you bought your domain, which would make what you bought a sub-domain, not an apex domain. When I check with whois for theostrich.eu.org, it comes back as not being registered. When I check with other DNS tools, none of your records points to Netlify.

Could you be more specific about what you have and what you are trying to do?

If you are trying to host a sub-domain for a domain you do not own or control, you are going to have to use external DNS.

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Yes, Currently I have changed the nameservers for it, Because I was not able to use it in netlify. So I changed the nameservers now and using it in other platform

If I got a clear way on using my domain on netlify, I would change it back to netlify nameservers for using.

We can’t help you troubleshoot your set-up if it isn’t set up for Netlify, but if you’re happy with Heroku and the Cowboy server, you may not have a good site for Netlify.

No, I like to change my hosting to netlify instead of other. First I tried using it at NetLify but I cannot do that, So currently I am using a temporary alternative platform untill I find a way to use the domain in netlify itself.

I am using that for a temporary purpose only, If I find the way to solve that issue I will shift back to netlify.

Then we’re going to need more details from you.

What kind of details to you need?

Details like how come we can’t see that your theostrich.eu.org domain name is registered? Details like are you the owner of eu.org? Details like what you have tried in your attempt(s) to connect your domain to Netlify. Details like what the results were. Details like your Netlify sub-domain. You know, details that might help us understand your apparently non-standard situation so we can help you.

The better you describe your situation, the more able we’ll be to help.

@MelvikStorm Ofcourse you can. Add your custom domain to your netlify site in your dashboard. You will be provided with DNS records. Go ahead access your other dashboard where your domain is being hosted, update the domain DNS records with those provided by netlify. It is said it might take close to 24hrs to fully propagate, Personally it took less than 20mins.

You should have access to DNS records of your externally registered domain.

Greetings :wave:t2:

This may be a configuration error on Netlify’s end. .eu.org is setup as a public domain where users can register for subdomains similar to ____.co.uk though I presume less official and therefore less standardized. See https://nic.eu.org for more details on that. Similar to how Netlify wouldn’t ask you to verify your ownership of co.uk if you were using example.co.uk, it should treat .eu.org as a similar public TLD/SLD and only require you to verify ownership of example.eu.org rather than making you verify ownership of eu.org, which you definitely do not own.

@Dennis any chance you could drop a little knowledge on this one? :slight_smile:


Hi, @jonsully and @gregraven. There is an important difference between eu.org and co.uk, namely this:

  • co.uk is an official namespace controlled by a national government - it functions like a TDL (top-level domain) even though it is a second-level domain
  • eu.org is an apex domain which the owner is treating like an official namespace - this isn’t an official policy of the .org TLD and not endorsed by any public organization

To summarize, we are not supporting eu.org like an official TLD because it isn’t one.

We can create a feature request to support eu.org like an official TLD. Please note that the actual creation that feature request will be determined based on the number of requests for it. Seeing as this is the first time this has been requested, I would not consider it likely for this to be changed anytime soon. Therefore, I do recommend looking for other solutions if you want to use a custom domain in the near term.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions about this.

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I suspected as much. That’s why I asked about the ownership of eu.org. Thanks for the clarification.

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eu.org is not my domain. it is a domain provider. i really own the above-mentioned domain(theostrich.eu.org).

@MelvikStorm I think Luke’s point is that eu.org is being presented as something it really isn’t. To give a parallel example, I neither own nor control WordPress.com, but I have the use of gregraven.WordPress.com. You may have the use of your eu.org sub-domain, and you may even have paid for it, but your FQDN isn’t recognized as being under your ownership by those who regulate name spaces. That’s my understanding, at least.

Nice! Thanks for the added context, Luke :grinning: Totally makes sense and based on how I had to find the .eu.org landing page and it wasn’t readily just ‘popping up’ I suspected as much as well.

@MelvikStorm I think the best solution for you would be to use external name-servers and point them at Netlify using a CNAME record, not trying to add your domain directly to Netlify. These docs should guide you through the process. Follow the “Configure a subdomain” route:

If the .eu.org provider doesn’t offer you the ability to use their name-servers then you’ll need to find somewhere that does :confused: even in my own knowledge and opinion, I’m not sure where you’d be able to find a service that just does name-server hosting.