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Why are subdomains not automatically falling under SSL?


I am trying to deploy a new subdomain, smart.alphaalias.com. AlphaAlias.com has always had a wildcard ssl certificate. For some reason, smart.alphaalias.com is not currently covered by the SSL cert. I have found several forum posts about this similar topic and it seems someone on your dev team needs to manually adjust something in order to make this work. Can you help? Do I need to reach out every time I launch a new subdomain, or will this be fixed all at once?

I have also triggered a new SSL Cert from Let’s Encrypt. I’m not sure what I expect that to accomplish but it’s taking a while.

If there is something I should have done differently please let me know. I’d love to be able to resolve this issue for myself and for my clients in the future.

Hi @samroon

Welcome to the Netlify community.

alphaalias.com has a wildcard SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

However, smart.alphaalias.com has an SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

If you open http://smart.alphaalias.com/ it will show as Not secure, however if you open https://smart.alphaalias.com/ it will. In either case, the page loaded says " This page isn’t available".

And now it is working with SSL… Book A Meeting With Sam Roon, Founder, Alpha Alias

I don’t use Cloudflare so I’m not entirely sure how that could happen. Is it possible that the website it is pointed at (on HubSpot’s platform) is using Cloudflare and that shows up in Netlify?

Based on site headers, yes.

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