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Can Netlify protect whois information? I mean someone can not read my info from whois?
Thank you

Hi @warrenbitbyte

As per Netlify’s Domain registration docs:

All Netlify domain registrations are private, with Netlify listed as the WHOIS contact. Netlify-registered domains are automatically configured to use Netlify DNS.

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can I use Cpanel or phpmyadmin or wp-admin or something like that after I buy a custom domain on Netlity? or can I use another custom domain supplied by another Host?

In short, no. Netlify doesn’t support PHP at runtime, only at build-time. Netlify utilises the Jamstack.

Yes, you can Configure external DNS for a custom domain.


How can I upgrade/update my custom website with Netlify uninterruptedly?

That depends on what you have used, or are using, to build and maintain your website.

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ok, thanks and the price of Netlify’s domain gives me including the price of the host?

Netlify platform pricing is available on the pricing page. Cost of domain registration is separate.