Whitespace (%20) in url is not resolved?

I am using “Hugo” with “Github” & “Netlify” to host my notes as a website. I use Obsidian for writing my markdown files. In my notes I use markdown links to point to internal links.


This works fine. But when I use whitespace in the filename.

[an example](an%20example.md)

The link in Netlify points nowhere.

I went to GitHub repo & clicked this link, it redirects me to the proper file.

But when I click on the same link in netlify it stays on the same page.

Why is %20 not resolved into - ?

These type of linking with <> does works :point_down:.

[to link 02](<to link 02.md>)

Netlify does good job on converting caps in file name. But I am facing issues when I use %20 in my markdown filename.

If you know any solution, please help.

It works as expected. Please share a reproduction.

Just a note that, you should most likely not have to add %20 yourself.

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maybe its a hugo problem.