Which TLDs does netlify support?

I just bought a domain ending in .cx and I’ve set the nameservers to the netlify ones. It’s been almost 24 hours but netlify still says “Check DNS configuration.” WHOIS checks indicate that the change has propegated around the world. So I’m wondering if maybe netlify doesn’t support .cx or something?

Hi @foobarbecue, and welcome to our Community!

That TLD is not on our “Unsupported” list, so it should be working. Let us know your full domain name and we can investigate!

Thanks, Laura! It started working – somehow DNS change took more than 24 hours to propagate. Maybe this is to be expected when the registrar is in China? Or the registrar (which was west.xyz ) just didn’t submit the change right away…

Is the “Unsupported” list online somewhere? Would be useful, to make sure I don’t buy something and then find I can’t use it.

There is no domain we cannot serve webpages for. The Unsupported list Laura is talking about is just for PURCHASING domains through us :slight_smile:

DNS propagation time varies based on your old settings which we can’t see, (and on the speed of your registrar in applying your changes, in this case). But yes, sometimes that can take more than a day!

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