WHICH DAY WAS .com changed to .app

PLEASE help us!

We need to know WHICH DAY WAS .com changed to .app. Example: gifted-antelope-58b104.netlify.com to gifted-antelope-58b104.netlify.app
Is it because of DNS issues? Tell us why, tell us the error message in .com! We can’t help if we don’t know why.
Is it because of build problems? Link or paste the FULL .com build log & .app build settings screenshot

The better the post - the faster the answer.


It was in April 14 2020

Yup, that sounds right to me based on our announcement post here: Changes coming to Netlify site URLs .

Now you have me curious why you are curious, since there should have been little customer-facing impact unless you had a very interesting configuration (for instance no DNS changes were required).