Where is the GitLab Button?

When I click Add New Site → Start for a Template → Next.js Starter I am prompted to Clone this template to your Git provider. There is only one option, GitHub. Where is the GitLab button? I tried choosing different templates, only GutHub is given as an option.

hi there,

is this still a problem? we had an incident related to this earlier which may have been the problem. can you check and let me know if it still occurs?

Yes, there is still no GitLab button

Hey there, @rhettlogical :wave:

Thanks for your patience here! As it currently stands, our templates only have Github as an available Git provider. The team has it on their radar to expand to further Git providers, and I have shared your request with them.

Sorry I don’t have better news today. Stay tuned for more options in the future!

Understood, thanks for the info.

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