Where are my content markdown files - Hugo, Netlify, ContentFul, Github, Stackbit

Hello there,

I deployed my site, and all is well. Technologies used Hugo, Netlify, ContentFul, Github, StackbitI.

I am using ContentFul as headless CMS, and once published, I am expecting them to see in my GitHub folder too as markdown files (.md) under content/posts/blog-post-1.md but nothing there. Also, where is my public folder? I can see the public folder in my GitHub repo, but it is not relevant to my site.

Please enlighten with your knowledge.

Many thanks.

P.S: Hope all is well. Take care of yourself and the family

Hi scriptstar! thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated.

So cool you are trying out hugo. The nice thing about the static site generators is that they can be set up to work with such a wide variety of content, such as markdown files, txt files, or data through a CMS.

I am not an expert on Contentful specifically, but i don’t believe that that service actually creates markdown files and stores them anywhere. I believe that contentful simply abstracts having to store the data in a database and write code to connect that with your site. I don’t think that it actually generates any .md files that you would see anywhere.

Now, if you set up your hugo to pull in markdown files only, and you create a local file, and then push it to github, yes you will see it live online in your repo on github, but this approach is a little different.

stackbit really only just provides the UI to be able to pick which technologies to use. It doesn’t provide any connectivity after the site has been created and installed, so the three relevant technologies here are:

-github (where the raw source code is stored and any manual files are stored)
-netlify (where the build sequence runs after a push and files are stored after they are built, as well as any manual files that aren’t generated)
-hugo (the static site generator that is used to build the js into HTML)
-contentful (where the data lives that can be edited live)

let me know if this makes sense.