Whenever I try to sign up or sign in, the netlify logo continuously spins

I cannot login or sign up, the netlify logo continuously spins. I have tried clearing my cache and cookies, even trying on my phone. I have tried signing up with another email as well, same issue

Hi Mark :wave:t6: are you still experiencing this issue? If so can you share a screenshot? Also confirm what browser you are using?


I have the exact same issue on my computer (Windows 10).

I’m currently using Firefox Developer Edition 127, but I’ve tested with Edge and Chrome as well and the problem persists. I also tried disabling all browser extentions in case they’re blocking the wrong resources.

Here’s a screenshot showing where it stops:

Hi :wave:t6: are you still experiencing this problem? I’m not seeing any flags on your account. If you are still experiencing this issue, can you confirm what country you are accessing our platform from?

Hi, I got in touch with customer service, and this was due to an unpaid invoice. After I got my account temporarily activated and updated the payment method, everything went back to normal.

As I understand, you’re working on improving user feedback in cases like this, so that people can understand the underlying cause more easily :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out anyway!

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thanks for writing back in. I’m glad we were able to resolve your issue! I appreciate your feedback.