When I open the netlify home page link to my project, it adds a path

site: https://dreamy-sprinkles-ba23e0.netlify.app
repo: GitHub - rebeccapeltz/ionic-react-arcgis: test using react and arcgis in ionic

When I click on the link to my site it add /home. I don’t see this when I run the site locally.

404: Ionic App

Can you help me figure out what is causing netlify to add the /home path (which renders 404)?

Hi @rebeccapeltz , thanks for the post.
In order to fix your problem first of all kindly create an _redirects file in your public folder with the content below.

/* /index.html 200

Secondly navigate to your App.tsx in your src in the project root and replace the App variable with the code below

const App: React.FC = () => (
        <Route exact path="/">
          <Home />
        <Route exact path="/home">
          <Redirect to="/" />

The reason for the redirect is because in your App.tsx file the code on line 34 redirects to /home when the url path is /

<Route exact path="/">
    <Redirect to="/home" />

Make the changes and then redeploy.
Let me know the outcome.


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works perfect now! - thank you for your quick response - send me a link to give you a good rating

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Hi @rebeccapeltz , I really appreciate your kind gesture! I’m truly glad I could assist you, and your thanks means a lot to me