When changing environment variables, is it necessary to re-deploy for changes to take effect?

From the bug I just fixed is seems like ‘yes’, but I have not seen this documented anywhere.
Is it?

(Is it obvious? I think Heroku triggers deploys when env vars are changed.)

hi there! yes, you would need to trigger a re-deploy for any changes to environment vars to get picked up.

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this should be better documented, or even, be pointed out in the ‘Environment’ section of Deploy Settings. Some new users might trip up and spend time on this because as mentioned, on other platforms that we are used to such as Heroku and AWS Lambda, the re-deploy is done automatically on the change of environment variables.

Hey @nazreen, super appreciate the feedback and I’m discussing this with our docs team.

Hey! We have a feature request for this behind-the-scenes so I’ll be sure to add your voices to the mix.

thanks! it’s a great platform, I appreciate the work all of you put into it. any job openings? haha

Actually, there is!